P&G Gebze Detergent Factory

Procter&Gamble made investment of 36 million dollars in this factory, which claimed as 7th as the production capacity among all 44 factories in Europe, Middle Asia and Africa.

Russian Standard Vodka Factory

Russian Standard Vodka, has 40% market share in the Russian market and does export to 75 countries worldwide. The factory has highest quality is distillation system and brought to life by 60 million dollars of investment. It has 25.000 m² of utilization area and consists factory, in total 25 thousand square meters, with a range […]

Algida Konya Ice Cream Factory

Unilever’s second ice-cream factory in Turkey and 35 th in the world, has 48.000 m² closed area. It is the first LEED certificated ice-cream factory and has an investment cost of 95 million Euros.

Yeditepe Oncology Hospital

Yeditepe University Hospital and affiliated institutions.accredited in the first audit by JCI (JointCommission International), which is the most important institution about health standards, in 2 November 2007. This hospital is going to serve mainly in neurology and oncology branch and also it is going to be second fully-equipped hospital in the Anatolian region of Istanbul.

Mersin Integrated Health Campus

The project aims to collect health services in a one large campus, which is spread all over Mersin, and so various health services will be served in an integrated, reachable environment. Hospital Blocks in this project are; General Central Mass Hospital with 25 beds General and Oncology Hospital with 458 beds General-KVC and Psychiatry Hospital […]

Four Winds Plaza + Residence

Four Winds Plaza is an extraordinary, multifunctional first class complex with excellent accessibility and location, in the center of Moscow on the ground floor, there are shopping venues and restaurants. The offices are located on floors 3-10 section. The 3-storey basement parking is also available. The project is awarded by “Made in the Future” magazine […]

L’ist İstinye Suites

The project , which has “Best Residence” Award by ArkiPARC in 2011, is located in İstinye,the closest point to the Bosphorus, and consists 150 suites in 14 blocks in 28.000 m² area with a total construction area of 58.000 m². Hamam, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, massage, pilates, yoga room, children’s playroom, basketball court, tennis court, […]

Bukhar Zhyrau Tower

The project is located on the Bulkhar Zhrayu Boulevard, same name as the project, at the heart of Almaty. It is one of the most prestigious projects in Almaty and attracts people with the help of its location close to the circus, stadium, theatre, museum etc. The project consists 4 blocks with 22 floors each, […]

Gallery Krasnodar Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall is located in the intersection of Krasnaya,Severnaya,Rashpilevskoga,Golovatogo streets, in the center of Krasnodar city. The shopping mall has 94.400 m² closed area in 3 floors. It has 850 parking spaces and disabled access. The shopping mall is enlarged and now it has 145.000 m² closed area and 65.000 m² rentable area. Also the […]