About Mars

Mars Elektromekanik company , aims to provide high qualified and efficient service with the help of knowledge and experience in construction projects, commitment and consultancy in national and international construction projects The company created different values with the help of experiences and knowledge from projects that it has completed. The company achieved to reflect these different values of its employees, consultants, suppliers, groups that they worked as integrated in projects and customers in every project. Tries to find the best solution and answer to customers’ requests and needs with its employees specialized in designing, timing, cost planning and analyzing, project implementation, operating. While searching for the best, the company is aware that biggest power comes from its employees.

Our vision is to become a persistent multinational company in construction and commitment, to be approved in national and international area and to be proudly mentioned by everyone in corporation with us from customers to employees in all our completed projects.


Our most important value is our employees. Therefore, our mission starts by providing their labor safety.


We try to protect the nature in every project we involve. We believe that, effort can only be shown by employer’s and our mutual effort and mind. Therefore, we are enthusiastic to contribute to buildings that respect nature.


We want our customer to remember us, when quality is mentioned. Thence, we work in every project with a mentality which embraces quality.

Honesty, Transparency and Etics

We do our work with a transparent management mentality. With our transparent management mentality, we provide lucrative honesty to our government, employees, business partners and customers. Also, we act responsibly according to all requirements that ethical behaviour brings.