MARS Completed Projects

Project Information

Neo Plus, which is opened on 1 April 2007 and first outlet and living complex in Eskişehir, locates Tepebaşı Region with 50.000 m² of land. Neo Plus is vital for city development with its different architectural style. Neo Plus Outlet and Living Center attract 6 million visitors annually and asset management is made by Pradera, rental services and management is made by AVM Partners.
In project, there are more than 100 shops which are leading brands of Turkey, 1850 cars capacity of car park, cafes and restaurants, exhibition and concert halls.

The biggest hypermarket of Eskişehir,Carrefour-SA, serves with 11.500 m² of total area.

Customer : Yapı Kredi Koray GYO
Area : 105.000 m²
Completion : 2007
Location : Eskisehir, Turkey