MARS Completed Projects

Project Information

Shopping Mall is located in the intersection of Krasnaya,Severnaya,Rashpilevskoga,Golovatogo streets, in the center of Krasnodar city.
The shopping mall has 94.400 m² closed area in 3 floors.  It has 850 parking spaces and disabled access.
The shopping mall is enlarged and  now it has 145.000 m² closed area and 65.000 m² rentable area. Also  the capacity of the car park is enlarged to 1100 vehicles.

The shopping mall has a panoramic  food court which is admired visitors,includes 370 shops and 40 restaurants & cafes.

Customer : Cenk İnşaat
Area : 94.400 m²
Completion : 2008
Location : Krasnodar, Russia